Fox MR

Mid-Range SWIR 25mm Camera

The Fox Mid-Range (MR) system is designed to provide SWIR imagery on targets up to about 500 meters. The unit is plug-and-play for several user groups including boarder safety, surveillance and reconnaissance teams under various conditions. Simply turn on the system and you’re up and imaging.  Designed around the Raptor InGaAs SWIR cameras and custom SWIR optics, the Fox systems are as effective as they are simple to use.

Sensor TypeInGaAs PIN-Photodiode
Active Pixel640 x 512
Pixel Pitch15μm x 15μm
Active Area9.6mm x 7.68mm
Spectral Response0.9μm to 1.7μm
Readout Noise (RMS)LG: 174 Electrons (Typical), HG: 38 Electrons (Typical)
Quantum Efficiency>80% @ 1.55μm
Noise (RMS)<195 Electrons Low Gain (176 Electrons Typical), <50 Electrons High Gain (39 Electrons Typical)
Quantum Efficiency> 70% From 1μm To 1.6μm
Pixel Well DepthLow Gain: 1.4Me-, High Gain: 43Ke
Pixel Operability>99.5%
Digital Output Format14 Bit CameraLink (Base Configuration)
Exposure Time1µs to 1 / Frame Rate
Shutter ModeGlobal Shutter
Frame RateUp to 120Hz Programmable, 25ns Resolution
Optical InterfaceC Mount
Trigger InterfaceTrigger IN and OUT - TTL Compatible
Power Supply12V DC ±10%
TE CoolingActive
Image Correction3 Point NUC (Offset, Gain & Dark Current) + Pixel Correction
Functions Controlled by Serial CommunicationExposure, Intelligent AGC, Non-Uniformity Correction, Gamma, Pk/Av, TEC, ROI
Camera Power Consumption< 3.5W (TEC OFF, NUC ON) <4W (TEC ON In Ambient, NUC ON)
Operating Case Temperature20˚C to +55˚C
Storage Temperature-30˚C to +60˚C