Night Fox

SWIR Rugged Surveillance Camera

The Night Fox is a SWIR-based flood illumination system with integrated imaging. The custom large 1550 illuminator and incorporated 640×512 SWIR camera light up the night for the user and make this a best-in-class product. Battery packs in the illuminator and camera body allow for long life and usage (>8 hours).

Applications include search and rescue teams, scouts and border control. The rugged frame and convenient carry form factor make this product ideal for these uses.

Sensor TypeInGaAs PIN-Photodiode
Active Pixel640 x 512
Pixel Pitch15μm x 15μm
Active Area9.6mm x 7.68mm
Spectral Response0.9μm to 1.7μm
Readout Noise (RMS)LG: 174 Electrons (Typical), HG: 38 Electrons (Typical)
Quantum Efficiency>80% @ 1.55μm
Noise (RMS)<195 Electrons Low Gain (176 Electrons Typical), <50 Electrons High Gain (39 Electrons Typical)
Quantum Efficiency> 70% From 1μm To 1.6μm
Pixel Well DepthLow Gain: 1.4Me-, High Gain: 43Ke
Pixel Operability>99.5%
Digital Output Format14 Bit CameraLink (Base Configuration)
Exposure Time1µs to 1 / Frame Rate
Shutter ModeGlobal Shutter
Frame RateUp to 120Hz Programmable, 25ns Resolution
Optical InterfaceC Mount
Trigger InterfaceTrigger IN and OUT - TTL Compatible
Power Supply12V DC ±10%
TE CoolingActive
Image Correction3 Point NUC (Offset, Gain & Dark Current) + Pixel Correction
Functions Controlled by Serial CommunicationExposure, Intelligent AGC, Non-Uniformity Correction, Gamma, Pk/Av, TEC, ROI
Camera Power Consumption< 3.5W (TEC OFF, NUC ON) <4W (TEC ON In Ambient, NUC ON)
Operating Case Temperature20˚C to +55˚C
Storage Temperature-30˚C to +60˚C
  • Search and rescue
  • Scouting
  • Border patrol