High resolution, High Sensitivity, Digital VIS-SWIR camera

Using a 1280 x 1024 InGaAs sensor from SCD, the OWL 1280 offers visible extension from 0.4µm to 1.7µm to enable high sensitivity imaging. The 10µm x 10µm pixel pitch enables the highest resolution imaging. It will offer less than 40 electrons readout noise, with a ultra-high intrascene dynamic range of 68dBdB, enabling simultaneous capture of bright & dark portions of a scene.

Available with a 12 bit Camera Link output, the OWL 1280 will run from 10 up to 60Hz. The camera will feature On-board Automated Gain Control (AGC) which will enable the best contrast image from low light to bright as well as an on-board intelligent 3 point Non Uniform Correction (NUC) algorithm providing the highest quality images. As with all Raptor cameras the OWL 1280 is ultra compact, rugged and low power (<3W). The camera is stabilised with no fan.

Please note: This product is under the export control of UK government and maybe subject to an Single Individual export licence before shipment.

  • VIS-SWIR technology – Enables high sensitivity imaging from 0.4μm to 1.7μm
  • 10μm x 10μm pixel pitch – Enables the highest resolution VIS-SWIR image
  • <50 electrons readout noise – Enables the highest VIS-SWIR detection limit
  • Ultra high intrascene dynamic range – 69dB – Enables simultaneous capture of bright & dark portions of a scene
  • On-board Automated Gain Control (AGC) – Enables clear video in all light conditions
  • On-board intelligent 3 point NUC – Enables highest quality images
  • Ultra compact, Low power (< 3W) – Ideal for hand-held, mobile or airborne systems
  • Rugged, No fan – Enables integration into UAV, handheld or any Electro-Optic systems
FPA Specification 
Sensor TypeInGaAs PIN-Photodiode
Active Pixel1280 x 1024
Pixel Pitch10µm x 10µm
Active Area12.8mm x 10.24mm
Spectral response0.4mm to 1.7mm
Readout Noise (RMS)Low Gain: 160 electrons (typical) | High Gain: 47 electrons (typical)
Quantum Efficiency>80% @1.55µm
Full Well CapacityLow Gain: 450Ke- | High Gain: 10Ke-
Pixel Operability>99.5%
TE CoolingActive
Camera Specification 
Digital Output Format12 bit Camera Link (Medium Configuration)
Exposure timeLow Gain: 300µs to 92.5ms | High gain: 600µs to 86.5ms
Shutter modeGlobal Shutter
Frame Rate10 to 60Hz
Optical InterfaceC mount (selection of SWIR lens available) or M42
Camera Setup / ControlCamera Link
Dynamic RangeLG: 69dB, HG: 47dB
Trigger interfaceTrigger IN and OUT - TTL compatible
Power supply12V DC ±0.5V
TE CoolingActive
Image Correction3 point NUC (offset, Gain & Dark Current) + pixel correction
Functions controlled by serial communicationExposure, intelligent AGC, Non Uniformity Correction, Gamma, Pk/Av, TEC, ROI
Camera Power Consumption<3W (TEC OFF, NUC ON)
Operating Case Temperature-20˚C to +55˚C


  • HD long-range day/night SWIR imaging
  • Airborne and Ground Payload
  • Hand Held Goggles
  • Driving Vision Enhancement (DVE)
  • Airborne EVS
  • Vision enhancement


  • Astronomy
  • Beam Profiling
  • Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Solar Cell Inspection
  • Thermography