SpectroCam SWIR 320

NIR/SWIR Multispectral Wheel Camera

SpectroCam™ multispectral wheel cameras offer a sophisticated, flexible platform for development and deployment of various imaging applications. Available in UV, VIS, and SWIR versions. Designed to reduce development times and simplify the design cycle, SpectroCam™ features a high speed, continuously rotating filter wheel containing 6-8 interchangeable optical filters. Combined with the scientific grade CCD array, this filter design creates a fully portable and configurable, high speed multispectral imaging system. With minimal pixel shift and high frame rates, this dynamic device is a powerful product development tool.

SpectroCam™ systems are available in a turnkey format complete with lens, eight interchangeable filters and acquisition software that can be used for innovative 2D spectroscopy research in a variety of fields including water quality measurement, product screening, machine vision, medical imaging, surveillance and authentication. The system can also be customized for integration into specific OEM products. The platform is readily modified to meet your mechanical and environmental needs.

SpectroCam™ is available for R&D teams who need a quick, turnkey solution. The device utilizes a wideband CCD capable of UV-enhanced measurements and can be supplied with a standard set of filters or outfitted with up to eight different interchangeable custom filters. The proprietary design allows for quick delivery while providing a system that suits your specific application needs today and for years to come. The SpectroCam™ offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for your current and future multispectral imaging projects.

The SpectroCam™ SWIR 320 utilizes the Raptor Owl 320X256 InGaAs camera.  This moderate resolution multispectral camera allow users with the proper filters to see objects reflected spectra from 500nm to 1700nm.  Applications across multiple segments include medical imaging, surveillance, art conservation and chemical remote sensing.  The moderate resolution is a more economical solution.  Given that the filter wheel allows users to get full frame resolution for a lot of applications the 320 version is an excellent choice.  Filter sets for specific applications exist please inquire with our sales team if interested.  Buy Now

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  • Sequential 6-8 band multispectral imaging
  • Full frame resolution at up to 25 frames/second
  • Interchangeable standard & custom spectral filters
  • Intuitive acquisition software
  • High speed digital video output

OEM Customization

  • Application-specific multispectral engine
  • Easy modular device integration
  • Optimized spectral bands & imaging
  • Proof of concept to high volume production
SWIR 320 SpectroCam Technical Specifications 
Spectral Response900-1700nm (SWIR)
320 x 256 px
30µm pixel pitch
Spectral Bands6
Active Area9.6mm x 7.68mm
Frame Rate OverclockedUp to 25 fps
Optical InterfaceF Mount standard (manual aperture & focus), range of lenses available, adapters available on request
Digital OutputGig-E, 14 bit
Size and Weight136 x 124 x 116mm
(5.4" x 4.9" x 4.6")
908g (2.0lbs)
  • Biomedical markers
  • Medical tissue analysis
  • Forensics examination
  • Authentication
  • Art & archeology
  • Food quality grading
  • Colorimetric assays
  • High accuracy color
  • Enhanced night vision

Product and Software Set-Up Tutorial

Chemical Identification