Salvo Imaging, a division of Salvo Technologies, is a full-service value-added integrator.

Salvo Imaging services multiple industries including Security, Life Sciences, Automotive and Industrial, to name a few. With expertise in spectral and polarimetric imaging, Salvo blends industry-leading technology with creative problem solving to create customer-specific solutions.

Salvo is an authorized distributor and value-added integrator of Raptor Photonics Limited, a high-tech company based in Northern Ireland. Working closely with Raptor on its next generation of high performance, cutting edge, low-light level digital cameras, Salvo is able to offer customers a full catalog of off-the-shelf products. Raptor cameras are leaders in Short Wave Infrared Imaging (SWIR) solutions, with more than 100 years of combined technological experience in CCD, ICCD, EMCCD, CCTV, SWIR and video design. The company includes leading experts in a variety of key areas, such as:

  • Analogue and digital signal processing
  • Digital design including PCI, USB2/3, LVDS, CameraLink, Firewire and GigE
  • FPGA (VHDL) development for imaging processing
  • High-speed analogue and digital design
  • Low noise pre-amp circuit development
  • High voltage and ultra fast pulse circuit design
  • Embedded firmware development
  • Application development in C++, VB & Delphi
  • Vacuum design
  • High energy / X-ray design
  • Mechanical and optical design

Raptor cameras are built to the following standards:

  • MilSpec standards: All cameras are built to MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-704F standards
  • High quality: Raptor carries the latest quality accreditation – BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and IPC Class 3
  • Rugged and compact: Designed for EMC and environmental stress, shock and vibration
  • Quality workmanship: Built to Class IPCa610, ESD and are RoHS compliant

Salvo Imaging is also a value-added integrator and distributor for Pixelteq products produced by Ocean Optics.  Pixelteq is known worldwide for its pixel-level patterned optical filters and producing custom “bayer” and mosaic filters to create multispectral cameras. Standard COTS products, including PixelCam RGB+NIR, PixelCam RGB+3xNIR and PixelCam SWIR, are available for immediate purchase. Custom products are also available upon request.

In addition to these snapshot multispectral imagers, Pixelteq also has a line of sequential imaging systems called SpectroCam. There are five variants of these multispectral wheel cameras including an UV version, two resolutions (1MP and 5MP) for VIS/NIR, and two resolutions for SWIR (320×256 and 640×512). The SpectroCam devices feature a set of 6-8 removable filters for research and development. These filters can be exchanged and updated for new projects, making the system quite flexible.

Utilizing these core products, Salvo Imaging also produces a line of its own solutions. Products like handheld SWIR monoculars, cylindrical SWIR long range imaging systems, SWIR smart scopes and embedded multispectral imagers for QA and inspection make up a full catalog of imaging solutions.


Certifications and Registrations

Complying with international quality standards and traffic regulations, Salvo Imaging and all other Salvo Technologies divisions maintain several certifications and registrations to ensure a basis of consistently delivering effective products and services.