Salvo Imaging, a division of Salvo Technologies, is a full-service value-added integrator.

Salvo Imaging services multiple industries including Security, Life Sciences, Automotive and Industrial, to name a few. With expertise in spectral and polarimetric imaging, Salvo blends industry-leading technology with creative problem solving to create customer-specific solutions.


Salvo Imaging produces multiple platforms to achieve best in class multispectral cameras.  The first platform, SpectroCam, utilizes a high-speed filter wheel to create a Multispectral Cube.  The three versions, UV, VIS and SWIR allow the user to select the area of the spectrum that suits their application best.  In addition, the filters are removable and can be selected from an online store (Optical Filter Shop) which provides a tremendous amount of flexibility for our customers.  These wheel cameras can provide three full revolutions per second under minimum exposure time making them very close to real time imaging and perfect for scenes that are not moving.


For dynamic scenes, an alternative to the sequential nature of the SpectroCam is the PixelCam.  The PixelCam utilizes custom Bayer patterns produced by patterning dichroic coatings at a pixel level.  These snapshot imagers allow the user to take full video rate multispectral images in a compact form factor.  PixelCam is offered in UV, VIS and SWIR formats ranging from 3 to 9 spectral bands.  These cameras are perfect for remote sensing, industrial processing, and applications where movement is not easy to control.  The small form factor also lends itself to drones and surgical applications.


Finally, Salvo Imaging is an authorized distributor and value-added integrator of Cubert HyperSpectral cameras.  These cameras acquire simultaneous images in a high number of spectral bands creating a continuous reflectance spectrum can be derived.  Cubert has taken this technology and packed it into a highly portable compact form-factor.  Because of their small size, they can be utilized in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Aerial imaging
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Food quality
  • Microscopy
  • Scientific Research


Furthermore, Salvo Imaging partnered with its sister company, EOI Tech can provide sensing and imaging services including microarray hybridization, fiber optic faceplate mounting, cover-glass removal, and UV image sensor enhancement. EOITech is both a service provider as well as a product innovator offering custom solutions for miniature/ruggedized Raman sensing, X-Ray and multispectral/hyperspectral cameras.



Certifications and Registrations

Complying with international quality standards and traffic regulations, Salvo Imaging and all other Salvo Technologies divisions maintain several certifications and registrations to ensure a basis of consistently delivering effective products and services.