PixelCam 9 Band VIS+NIR

56MP Camera with VIS + NIR Channels

PixelCam multispectral cameras provide live imaging of 3-9 spectral bands at video rates. Simultaneous multi-channel “snapshot” acquisition delivers rich, real-time data without scene change or pixel shift. Custom dichroic filter arrays are integrated into the focal plane array at wafer-level to create robust linear and area sensors that extract high-contrast spectral information at specific visible and infrared wavelengths. This breakthrough technology enables easy integration into handheld, mobile and aerial cameras – all with the same frame rate, size, weight, and power consumption as monochrome cameras.

PixelCam cameras are fabricated to user-defined wavelengths. The unique combination of high-speed, multi-band imaging and small form factor supports a variety of dedicated applications including agriculture, biomedical, machine vision, surveillance and authentication, and unmanned systems. Customized OEM multispectral camera modules are engineered from the wafer-level to deliver scalable volume production and easy integration into handheld and portable devices. Standard PixelCam camera modules are available for 4-band and 6-band RGB-NIR and SWIR wavelengths.

The PixelCam VIS+NIR multispectral imager is based on a 56MP CMOS sensor.  The RGB and NIR filters bin 9 pixels (3×3). Applications include ICG imaging, industrial QC and Security. Users can also use a “pre-filter” to further define the bands to utilize the camera with narrower bands. Reach out to our applications engineers for the details.


  • Simultaneous multi-band imaging
  • Custom VIS-NIR-SWIR spectral bands
  • Portable size, weight and power consumption
  • Robust, high reliability, scalable production

OEM Customization

  • Application-specific spectral bands
  • Custom pixel-scale mosaic patterning
  • Sensor, camera and housing options
  • Mechanical and environmental requirements
  • Proof-of-concept prototypes to high-volume production
Spectral Response400nm - 1000nm
Resolution8424 x 6032 pixels
SensorSi Area CMOS
4.6μm Pixel Patch
Filter Resolution13.8μm Pixel Patch
Binned 3x3
Spectral Bands
9 Band
410/15, 450/40, 530/40, 575/20, 610/20, 650/25, 720/40, 790/20, 850/40
Active Area27.75mm (H) x 38.75mm (W)
Frame Rate
23.7 fps at Full Resolution
Optical InterfaceM58 x 0.75
Digital OutputGigE Vision
(No lens/mount)
70mm (H) x 70mm (W) x 76.8mm (D)
  • Aerial mapping
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Machine vision
  • Product screening
  • Remote sensing
  • Surveillance and authentication
  • Unmanned systems
  • Water quality measurement