Cubert ULTRIS X20 Plus

UV/VIS/NIR High Resolution Hyperspectral Camera

The Cubert ULTRIS X20 PLUS expands on the ULTRIS X20’s capabilities by adding a second panchromatic sensor.  This additional sensor provides data to increase the spatial resolution to 1880 x 1880 pixels, allowing for greater detail in all images.  The extra detail provided by the second camera allows for a technique called pansharpening (or image fusion), a version of which Cubert has developed thoroughly to enhance images to the highest degree possible.  So much so that even from an aerial capture the analysis of leaf vegetation levels is possible to help detect diseases and other issues requiring attention at early stages.

Even with the two integrated camera sensors the X20 Plus remains extremely portable at less than 690g.  When combined with a mini computer and GPS you can expect a payload under 1.5kg, making it a capable asset to be used with a variety of drones.  While the level of detail from the X20 Plus makes it particularly useful for mobile mapping and aerial use, it is fully capable addition to any lab or field-use setting.  You can benefit from the unrivalled resolution without forgoing the spectral resolution of 164 bands.



  • 20 MP hyperspectral snapshot imager (x, y, λ)
  • 350 – 1000nm (UV/VIS/NIR)
  • 164 spectral bands
  • Resolution of 1880 x 1880 pixels
  • Dual sensor approach for pansharpened images
TechnologyLight Field, Dual Sensor
Wavelength Range350 - 1000 nm
Spectral Bands164
Spectral Sampling4 nm
Spectral Resolution (FWHM)Constant 10 nm
Spatial Resolution410 x 410 pixels
1880 x 1880 pixels
Total Spectra / Image168 000
Total Data Points / Cube27 Million
Data Depths12 bit
ReadoutGlobal shutter
Max Frame Rate8 Hz
Integration Time0.1 - 1000 ms
Field of View (FOV)35°
Power Consumption8 W
Data Link1-2 GigE
Weight630 g
Size60 x 107 x 95 mm

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Messier 42 - Eagle V