Precision Filter Alignment

We have the ability to precision align customer-specified filters and then permanently bond them to the image sensor surface so they stay aligned.

Electro-Optic Assembly

Our team has a wide range of experience with high-precision optical alignment and optics assembly, ranging from small tasks such as image sensor window removal, to the complete assembly of a digital camera or a spectrometer.

Bonded Fiber

Any size and type of image sensor (CCD, CMOS or any other type of imaging device, front- or back-illuminated) can be coupled to fiber optics of all types (from simple flat windows to large taper arrays), using a process which results in a robust assembly capable of operation in hot…

Cover Glass Removal

Some image sensors are available with a temporary cover glass, but many are not, including many of the most popular types in current production. We’re there for you. With a range of techniques at our disposal, even the most difficult to remove cover glasses on today’s high performance CMOS image…