Cubert FireflEYE V185

VNIR Hyperspectral Microscopy

The FireflEYE V185 brings hyperspectral imaging into the world of microscopy, also enabling endoscopy.  The camera not only saves time by utilizing Cubert’s snapshot technology (forgoing scanning), but it aids in monitoring real-time processes such as samples in a petri dish.  The latest improvements to this model include upgrading the main sensor to a modern CMOS sensor as well as offering both 12 and 14 bit versions.  The 14-bit provides 2x high signal-to-noise-ratio as well as 4x higher dynamic range when compared to the previous FireflEYE S185.

Attaching a relay lens to the FireflEYE provides for full interchangeability to C-mount lenses.  Additionally, the relay lens allows for a lens change without all the hassles of camera re-calibration.  When paired with a close-up lens set, you can expect macroscopic scaled views of areas the size of just a few mm.

While aimed primarily at lab use, this camera was the first-ever light-weight hyperspectral snapshot camera used for aerial mapping from a UAS.  Because of the versatility with lenses, the user has all the choice in enabling different fields of view depending on the task at hand.

  • 3D hyperspectral snapshot imager (x, y, λ)
  • VNIR coverage (450-950 nm)
  • 125 spectral bands
  • 12-bit / 14-bit version
  • 25 Hz max frame rate
  • Compatible with microscopes
TechnologyMultipoint Spectrometer
Number of Sensors2
Wavelength Range450 - 950 nm
Spectral Bands125
Spectral Sampling4 nm
Spectral Resolution (FWHM)8nm @ 532nm
Spatial Resolution50 x 50 pixels
Spatial Resolution
(2nd Sensor)
1000 x 1000 pixels
Total Spectra / Image2500
Total Data Points / Cube0.3 Million
Data Depths12 bit / 14 bit
ReadoutGlobal shutter
Max Frame Rate25 Hz
Integration Time0.1 - 1000 ms
Field of View (FOV)30°, 20°, 13°, 7°, lens selectable
Power Consumption7 W
Data Link2 GigE
Weight490 g
Size200 x 67 x 60 mm
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Food Quality
  • Microscopy
  • Scientific Research