The Eagle has landed! Raptor launches new deep-cooled 4MP CCD.


Raptor launches the Eagle, a “best in class” deep cooled vacuum based CCD using Raptor’s revolutionary vacuum technology PentaVacTM. The Eagle uses a 4MP CCD42-40 Back Illuminated, AIMO sensor from e2v technologies. The sensor is 2048 x 2048 pixels with 13.5μm x 13.5μm pixels, with full well capacity of 100,000e- enabling optimum photon collection and a large field of view imaging combined with ultra-sharp image resolution. The Eagle achieves a QE greater than 90% at 525nm and 50% at 380nm & 720n

PentaVac technology combined with multistage TECs and liquid allows active cooling to temperatures lower than delta 110°C, delivering extremely low dark current (0.0001 e/p/s) for exposure times of up to several hours. The Eagle runs at 16-bit digital output through a Cameralink data interface delivering low read out noises, 2.3 e- rms @ 75kHz pixel readout rate. The camera also operates @ 2MHz pixel readout rate, with 9.0 e- rms.